Speed cameras seem to be working

As the speed camera network expands, more tickets are being issued around Ottawa. Early data shows it’s working to reduce speeds.

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🍺 Beer on the corner: The provincial government will roll out its plan for liberalizing beer sales in Ontario sometime late this week. It appears beer will be made available for sale in convenience stores in the province. Exact details and a timeline are still to be announced. [The Globe and Mail]


Speed cameras ticketing thousands

What happened: Speed cameras across the city ticketed 165,015 people from January to October this year, CTV reported. As more cameras come online, more tickets are being issued. Last year, there were only 127,939 tickets issued over the whole year.

Busy cameras: In October, the most recent monthly available data,, a camera on Barrhaven’s Cedarview Road was the busiest, issuing 2,152 tickets. That camera’s only been active since August, but still makes the top-five list of cameras, according to CTV:

  1. Fisher Avenue (21,162)

  2. St. Laurent Boulevard (20,739)

  3. Ogilvie Road (12,471)

  4. Bayshore Drive (11,149)

  5. Cedarview Road (9,945)

More coming: The city is expanding the use of these cameras. There are 28 of the cameras active across town. In the next year, the city planners to install another 12 at these locations, according to the city:

  • Berrigan Drive near Croxley

  • Bronson Avenue near University Drive

  • Heron Road near Baycrest

  • Hunt Club Road near Lorry Greenberg

  • Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard North near Orleans Boulevard

  • Kelly Farm Drive near Findlay Creek Drive

  • King Edward Avenue near Cathcart

  • Montreal Road near Ogilvie

  • Riverside Drive near Mooney's Bay Place

  • Spratt Road near Canyon Walk

  • Stonehaven Drive near Bridle Park

  • Walkley Road near Harding

Pilot locations: Four of these locations (Hunt Club, Montreal, King Edward, and Walkley) are in areas the city has identified as high speed zones. Previously, the cameras have been put mostly near schools. The hope is the new camera locations will cut down on excessive speed in areas where it is rampant.

It’s working: Preliminary data from the city shows the cameras have a positive effect on speeding. Compliance has gone up 200 percent, and overall speeds have decreased by 11 percent. Speeding of more than 15 km/h over the speed limit has dropped by 72 percent, according to the city.

Bad weekend: A driver in a rental car was charged with stunt driving for driving 165 km/h on the 417 in North Glengarry, CTV reported. In addition to the charge, the vehicle was impounded for two weeks by the OPP, with the driver likely on the hook for extra rental fees during the impound time. 

  • Meanwhile, downtown on the 417, police are looking for the driver of a white Audi sedan they say drove away from a collision on the highway. No one appears to have been injured in the crash, CTV reported.

Near Greenbank Road, a driver lost control and went into the ditch of the 417. That driver was charged with impaired driving, the Ottawa Citizen reported. That vehicle was impounded for a week, and the driver received an automatic 90-day licence suspension.

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👏 $16,254.70: The amount the community of Cumberland raised for the family that runs a local bakery to help with their two children who have a genetic condition. [CBC]

📈 $2,112: The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city last month, up from the previous month’s $2,052. Rent has gone up 8.4 percent from a year ago. [CTV]


Check out the new open positions in Ottawa.

  1. Test engineer at SurveyMonkey

  2. Program officer at the Canadian Foundation for Innovation

  3. Senior director of government and industry relations at Gay Lea Foods

  4. Employment relations officer at the Public Service Alliance of Canada

  5. Business support manager at Stevenson & White

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⚖️ As the trial of two convoy leaders stretches into 2024, there is an increasing risk the charges against the two could be thrown out before a verdict is delivered because of excessive delays. [Ottawa Citizen]

🚨 A man was charged with arson after allegedly starting a fire in the Civic hospital’s emergency room. Firefighters had to be called, but the fire was out by the time they arrived on scene. [CTV]

💰 Transit riders aren’t thrilled with the incoming fare increase as OC Transpo still struggles with reliability and the LRT is running at half capacity with mostly single trains. [CBC]

🚔 Three people were charged with assault-related offences, after two people in Arnprior were sent to the hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown. [CTV]

💉 Some seniors will have the new vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) covered by OHIP. [CBC]

🌊 About 1,900 properties in the Laurentians are still under an evacuation order as a dike continues to be inspected. There were fears the Kiamika reservoir dike near Chute-Saint-Philippe and Lac-des-Ecorces could burst after erosion was discovered. [The Canadian Press]


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What to do this week


🎄 A Holiday Double Bill, Friday 7 pm: The youth troupe of SOPAC Ottawa present a double bill of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Candles! The Musical. At the Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1817 Richardson Side Rd. Tickets start at $12.


🐑 Musica Viva Singers concert 'Dreams of Sheep,' Monday and Friday: An evening of sheep-themed music from Handel to Kate Bush. Concerts in two locations. Monday in Centretown at the Centretown United Church, 507 Bank St. And Friday in Orléans at Orléans United Church, 1111 Orléans Blvd. Tickets $28.

📯 Holidays at the Symphony, Wednesday 7:30 pm: A mix of all sorts of holiday music from the Ottawa Pops Orchestra. With everything from Strauss to The Polar Express soundtrack, there’s something for everyone. At Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre, 355 Cooper St. Tickets $17.

🎶 Ottawa Carleton Male Choir concert, Friday 7:30 pm: Featuring Soprano Cara Gilbertson, the choir will be hosting a concert with a reception to follow. At St. Mary’s Church, 3480 Trim Rd. Tickets $20 at 613-841-6248 or at the door.  

🎷 The Free Associations Jazzin' Up Christmas, Saturday 7 pm: Part Christmas party, part album launch party, The Free Associations latest album “Finally” launches at this evening of jazzy Xmas tunes. At the Nepean Sailing Club, 3259 Carling Ave. Tickets $20.


🌌 Zero to Hero Stargazing Workshop, Sunday 2 pm: An introductory lesson for kids eight and up on what to look for in the night sky. At Soloway Jewish Community Centre, 21 Nadolny Sachs Pvt. Tickets start at $35.


🕯️ Custom Candle Making and Sip Party, Sunday 7 pm: Learn how to make your very own candles, with all the materials provided for you. At the Final Score Sports Bar, 384 Flora St. Carleton Place. Tickets $63.

  • The Sens beat the Red Wings in convincing fashion, winning 5-1 on the road. The Sens are still last in the Atlantic division with an 11-11-0 record. [The Associated Press]

  • When someone’s going through a tough time, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire community. This holiday, join United Way and help people thrive. [Sponsored]

  • Have you seen this bike? It was stolen from Tunney’s Pasture last week. [Reddit]

  • Looking for gift ideas this holiday season, why not try some of these brews? Our editor has some beer and tea ideas that will delight. 

  • Next month the provincial women’s pinball championship will be held at House of Targ, the first time the event will be in Ottawa. [CBC]

  • For fans of Christmas movies, here’s a great resource for where they’ve been filmed around town. [Ottawa Tourism]

  • Nothing quite like the view of fog burning off the city. [Reddit]

  • (Insiders) In Barrhaven, a legendary Italian favourite has returned. But hurry, reservations are filling up quick. 

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