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  • Plan for reopening LRT expected today, as signs cause confusion for riders

Plan for reopening LRT expected today, as signs cause confusion for riders

The city is expected to announce next steps for opening the LRT again, and maybe provide answers about what shut it down.

Good morning!

It’s been a quiet weekend from OC Transpo, as they sort out how best to run replacement bus service. Considering the usage frequency, it’s kind of incredible how disorganised the city seems when it comes to implementing the buses.

In the past, the city has said it was focused on making the train system reliable, rather than improving R1 service. Which is an admirable goal, and would make sense in normal circumstances. But the train has never worked reliably, so once again the city is relying on a patchwork of buses to run the line while also making service everywhere worse.

Hopefully we’ll get good news and be able to move on from this one. But if history is any guide, it won’t be long until we’re back to another shutdown. Hopefully, the city will be prepared for that one.

Let’s get to the newsletter.

— Robert Hiltz, managing editor

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🚂 LRT update: Will the train get back on track? Expect an update today on the status of the city’s LRT.


Train still down, update expected today

What happened: The LRT was shut down for a sixth day yesterday, but today we might finally find out when the latest train disaster will end.

Transit head Renée Amilcar will give a “complete update” on the state of the investigation into the faulty bearing that caused the current closure. She’s expected to tell the public the next steps to get the beleaguered train service back on track.

Changing signs: Confusion abounded when OC Transpo moved the replacement bus service back to the Slater and Albert corridor, where they put signs that made it seem like riders might be in the wrong spot.

The signs were confusing enough that new ones were printed and installed Saturday night, with another iteration of signs set to be put up today, OC Transpo tweeted.

OC Transpo/Handout

How to get around: Service isn’t straightforward after the agency moved around buses to make them run more efficiently. The R1 buses were moved off Queen Street and back onto their old routes, but Lees and Cyrville stations aren’t available on all trips. Shuttles have been set up at the stations. You can find more information on OC Transpo’s website.

Stage 3: Mayor Mark Sutcliffe said he was in “lockstep” with Premier Doug Ford, who said the city wouldn’t be getting any money to complete the rail system for the third phase of construction to extend it to Barrhaven and Kanata until it sorts out its current system.

  • “[I’m] not ready to put one more dollar of Ottawa taxpayer’s money into this light rail system, for phase three or anything else, until we have resolved the issues with phase one and have launched phase two,” Sutcliffe told CTV.


🏠️ $134,650: The average yearly income required to buy a new home in the city, up $4,650 from last month because of the rise in interest rates. [CTV]

🗳️ 6,664: The number of people who voted early in the Kanata-Carleton provincial byelection. Voting day is Thursday. [CTV]


Police officers getting caught by speed, red light cameras

What happened: Police officers are more frequently being caught for speeding and running red lights thanks to automated cameras.

According to a quarterly report to the Police Services Board, driving-related internal complaints in the force were up to 67 in the second quarter of the year, well above the five-year average of 44. The complaints were up 72 percent from 39 in the second quarter last year.

  • Internal complaints are how the Ottawa police deal with offences by officers and are mostly made up of running red lights, speeding, and vehicle crashes.

The police said in 2021 it updated its policies to “hold members accountable and apply progressive discipline” when officers break driving laws.

Ottawa Police Service/Handout

Overall: With a total number of complaints at 144, it would seem to be an improvement from last year’s 166. But, the force said that the “2022 complaint stats were significantly inflated by the illegal [convoy] protest.”

  • “When illegal protest-related complaints are removed from the equation, the result is a moderate yet steady increase in the number of conduct-related complaints from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023, except for driving related conduct which saw a more significant increase,” the report said.

Investigations: Of the 144 total complaints last quarter, 93 have already been investigated, with another 51 ongoing investigations. Eight investigated complaints resulted in informal discipline. The other complaints were either withdrawn, screened out, or unsubstantiated. There were no officers suspended in the second quarter this year, on average there are three members suspended.


Check out the new open positions in Ottawa.

  1. Technical advisory committee member at Accessibility Standards Canada

  2. Complaints resolution officer at Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services

  3. Parliamentary research assistant at Canadian Senators Group Leader’s Office

  4. Inventory and programs manager at Ottawa Community Housing

  5. Public consultations manager at the National Capital Commission


🏥 With hospital emergency room closures becoming more common, the province was forced to develop checklists to deal with the phenomenon. The guidance includes working with local officials and covering road signs pointing to ERs when they’re closed. [Ottawa Citizen]

⬆️ Nurses in the province will get raises of an average of about 11 percent over the next two years, an arbitrator ruled. In the ruling, the arbitrator cited ongoing shortages. [Ottawa Citizen]

⛲️ The splash pad park in Barrhaven near Strandherd and Kennevale has finally opened after weeks of delay. [CBC]

🚴‍♀️ Some good news, the William Commanda bridge across the Ottawa River to Gatineau looks almost ready for pedestrians and cyclists. No date is set, but the redevelopment of the old rail bridge is in its final stages. [CBC]

😷 The thick wildfire smoke this year over Ottawa and the rest of the country has led to twice as many calls to the national asthma hotline. [London Free Press]


Your weekly guide


💃 Salsa At City Hall, Wednesday 6:30 pm: Come try salsa dancing, for people of all skill levels. At City Hall. Free!


🇹🇭 Thai Street Food Festival, Sunday 11 am: Hosted by the Thai embassy, this celebration of street food from Thailand and other vendors. At the Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park. Free admission.


🚂 All Aboard! with the Ottawa Valley Live Steamers and Model Engineers Sunday 11 am: Come see a live demonstration of large-scale steam locomotives. At the Cumberland Museum, 2940 Old Montreal Rd. Free for kids, $9 for parents.


🔧 Bike Maintenance Workshop, Thursday 6 pm: Bring your own bike and lear how to repair and maintain it, as well as spot any safety issues. At the Ottawa Tool Library, 877a Boyd Ave. Starts at $45.

👰‍♀️ Opportunity Bridal Wedding Dress Sale, Saturday 9 am: A huge pop-up wedding dress sale with tons of designer dresses. At Holiday Inn & Suites Kanata, 101 Kanata Ave. Free, with $45 tickets for early bird access.

  • Missing the Hershey chocolate factory in Smiths Falls? Someone has made an incredible scale model of the building. [Reddit]

  • Just east of the city is a local cheese maker with big ambitions and the trophy closet to match.

  • If you’re in the market for a new home and have tons of cash lying around, here are some of the city’s priciest houses. [CTV]

  • Rideauville, Janesville, and Clarkston Village are some of the old city suburbs listed in this 1903 info book.

  • Want to have your announcement featured? Contact our partnership team for more info.


Joanne Reyes/Ottawa Lookout Reader

Reader Joanne Reyes sent in this lovely early morning photo from her home in the west. “Sharing a beautiful sunrise from Kanata. Have had several over the course of this heat,” she said.

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Congrats to everyone who got last week’s Ottawa Wordle. The answer was TRIPS, which we’ve been informed breaks one of the cardinal Wordle rules because it’s plural. Sorry about that, it won’t happen again!

Today for the Ottawa Quiz, we’d like to know where in the city the suburb once known as Janesville is located? The first five people to write in with the correct answer will get their names mentioned in the next issue.

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