Insider: What’s the deal with the Driveway?

Why is the mayor so keen on opening the Queen Elizabeth Driveway to cars? Plus, the latest on the LRT reopening plan for Monday.

Good afternoon!

While we do have some LRT news today, I thought we’d dig into an issue that was a pretty hot topic until the trains broke again. I mean, of course, the decision to bar cars from the Queen Elizabeth Driveway during the day.

But, fear not, we’ve also got the latest on the city’s plans to get some trains rolling again that they announced yesterday afternoon. Plus, your responses to last week’s reader question.

Let’s get to it.

— Robert Hiltz, managing editor

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What to do about the Driveway

What happened: Two days after the LRT shutdown, with information at a premium, Mayor Mark Sutcliffe took the opportunity to take to the airwaves and…talk about reopening Queen Elizabeth Driveway to cars for 11 minutes of a 14-minute interview with CBC.

  • It was an odd choice in the middle of a transit crisis to focus on the plight of cars in a small part of town, while people around the city were struggling with yet another failure of their transit system. So what’s the big deal with turning the Driveway into an active-use route, and why does the mayor feel it’s so important to talk about during another transit crisis? Let’s dig into it.

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