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Insider: Developer pulls cash that caused storm around council

Developer Katasa pulls a $300,000 contribution to the city, and the mayor gets lobbied by a former councillor.

Good day!

Welcome to the new day for the City Hall Insider. Hopefully, putting it at this point in the week makes more sense. 

We’ve got plenty of news today about the goings on at city hall, including an interesting lobbying meeting by the mayor that raises a few questions, the good news we’re getting federal housing money, and the latest on a developer’s voluntary contribution to the city.

Let’s get to it.

— Robert Hiltz, managing editor

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The city has a federal housing deal, now we wait for details

What happened: The city has reached a deal with the federal government for Ottawa’s slice of the national housing fund. Mayor Mark Sutcliffe announced last week there was a deal between the two sides, but didn’t provide any details on how much the city would be getting or what (if any) strings were attached. A week later, an announcement still has not been made.

  • At a post-council press conference, both Sutcliffe and Don Herweyer, the city’s interim planning chief, said they couldn’t provide any details until an official announcement was made. 

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