Where to get assistance from the city after the storm

A collection of important locations where you can get support if you're still without power.

Robert Hiltz
26 May

According to the City of Ottawa, these facilities are open from 10 am to 10 pm, but locations and hours are subject to change. The centres will once again be open today. Up to the minute information can be found here on the city’s website, or on their Twitter feed.

If you need power for charging devices, showers, washrooms, food, or Red Cross support:

These facilities have power for charging devices, showers, and washrooms:

At these three you can get power for charging devices and washrooms:

If you have lost access to your well water, bottled water is available at the following locations along with access to fill containers with potable water:

Because of the amount of spoiled food, the city has opened several bins where you can dispose of things that have gone bad. More will be added in the coming days. The dump at Trail Road also has extended hours and is waiving fees for storm debris. Find a food disposal bin here:

For those with medical oxygen needs and device recharging is available at these centres:

The city also has support for people who need urgent financial assistance and are already on the Ontario Disability Support Program or Ontario Works. You can apply online at this city website.

Ottawa Public Health: The health agency has a comprehensive page made on a website meant to be easy to navigate with limited data use. Information on food safety, mental health tips, and staying safe in the wake of the storm can be found here.

Hydro Ottawa: If you spot a downed power line that hasn’t been taken care of by crews, or blocked off, stay 10 metres away. Then call 613-738-0188 to inform the utility. If your power is still out, be sure to switch off appliances, large devices, and lights so the local power system isn’t overwhelmed when it returns. For the time being, Hydro’s outage map has been turned off because things are so complex.

Damaged trees: You don't need a permit to remove any downed trees because of storm damage, but be sure to take photos of the damaged tree. Bundle up the downed brush and put it all to the curb for pickup over the coming weeks. Be sure to separate out things like damaged fencing and lawn furniture.

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