Where to find the best Japanese food in Ottawa

Satisfy your sushi craving with our selection of the best Japanese restaurants around Ottawa

Ralf Joneikies
07 Mar

It’s long been curious to me how you can be from one culture but be so thoroughly smitten with another. Perhaps it’s not odd at all but it isn’t easy being a Japanophile in Ottawa. It is, however, getting a little more interesting. So here’s a list of places, some known, some unknown, that we believe are some of the best Japanese restaurants in Ottawa.

Location: 382 Rideau St.

Mergi Shop opened in July and offers a large variety of Japanese (along with a sprinkling of Chinese and Korean) beverages, sweets and savouries. Yes, it includes cult faves like a considerable selection of crazy Kit Kat flavours and potato chips such as beef & sea urchin. They also offer a variety of frozen foods like the Japan-raised A5 Wagyu beef at an eye-popping $35 per 100 grams. This is fun shopping.

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